I’m getting bored with starting every blog with “it’s been a quiet week” but…its been a quiet week again. The promise of being “flat out” with work from January onwards has failed spectacularly, but I do (finally) go on tour Tuesday, so next week’s blog should be more interesting!

Did have one job at the beginning of the week, shuttling stuff around London for Ross Bruford College who are learning the ropes around lighting and sound. They were a good eager bunch of kids, and maybe I’ll end up working with some of them once they graduate, or whatever it is they do. Been so long since I’ve been in education I forget how it all works.

Around me its been Bam’s birthday, and he’s here with me now, hanging out, playing video games. It’s been good for me. My neighbour is off with his kids in Cyprus, my friends are all away working, and my dad is off racing motorbikes. But hopefully this is my quiet period before it all goes off.

If I can hammer the rest of the year strong the kids and I are either going to Thailand or Brazil. But plans need money, and money needs work.


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