Finally out on tour. Joined two other drivers at Wembley Arena to start my run with Macklemore, who puts on a really good show! He even wears a shower curtain for one song. And after spying a girl in the crowd holding up a sign proclaiming it’s her birthday, he got her on stage for a dance, and then let her stay there while he carried on the rest of the show, before using a golf club to whack t-shirts into the crowd.

Now we’re in the Netherlands, killing time, washing trucks, holding onto my mental health by a string, while we wait for our forthcoming show.

Because its a much smaller tour than I’m used to, it isn’t flat out, blazing trails everywhere. Instead I actually get to interact more with the production crew and learn their names, chat with the singers and dancers out back as they prepare to go on while I man a spotlight.

It’s a good tour so far, and much needed.


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