Yet another quiet week on the work front, although the job I did in the 26 ton truck was interesting for a couple of days. However, I’m not allowed to say what it was! But it was a rehearsal tucked away in the countryside, in a 400+ year old barn, converted for modern living and music. We were told if the locals asked, we were to lie…

As I and the other driver stood by the gate to the property, admiring the small ponds that had entertained French royalty and many, many famous celebrities, a man, clad in Lycra, pulled up on his bike.

“Go on, then,” he said, “who is it in there?”

“You missed it all,” the other driver said. “We’re here to pack up and take it away.”

“Oh,” said the cyclist, peering at our trucks, blocking the entrance to the property, as well as much of the country lane running past it. “I’ve seen your trucks at big events and on the road, so it must be something important here.”

He was right.

But I decided to roll with the line created by one of the chefs from the catering team.

“It’s a French James Bond-like film,” I said, and looked at my companion to see if he’d run with it.

He did. “Yeah, uh…a new French TV series,” he said.

The story grew as we told it, and the local soaked it up.

He never would know who it really was who had rehearsed in the magnificent old manor.

Whoever they/them it had been.


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