Things are better and worse this week, so no need to update something of which I can’t understand.

What I can understand is a bit of hard work. Did two days in the yard this week, packing up Lizzo’s tour stuff into containers to ship back to the States. Did you know she has a whole flight box full of toilet seats? Otherwise it’s just the gym, 6k walks, and playing Destiny (and I won a season 10 tournament on Rocket League). There’s a little work this weekend, and then maybe a lull before the next tour. I can’t say what it is until I’m on it, but it should be a really good one.

Otherwise the week, and myself, have been quiet. I’m cleaning out a lot of junk from my place. As I’ve got older, I feel more at ease at dropping everything in my life and moving on if I have to. I’ve done it twice now. I don’t expect to do it again soon, but always better to have options.

Oh, I smashed my TV as I was moving a shoe rack.


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