7 Ways to Love

Well, that’s the most misleading blog title so far, as this blog has nothing to do with love, or the 1991 hit by Cola Boy. And while listening to aforementioned track as I type this, I’m amazed to find that Cola Boy was a side project by dance act, Saint Etienne. We’ve all learned something here today. You’re welcome.

The Chris Brown tour continues and is a very pleasant experience…certainly from our driver’s side. Well, from my view point anyway. Had a good time in Dublin but we’ve spent most of this last week at the 02 in Greenwich in London. Stormzy turned up for the show on the second night, linking me to my first ever tour with him around this time last year, and I’m sure there were a bunch of other famous people hanging around back stage, but I’m so out of touch with today’s celebs and pop culture, I wouldn’t know any of them or their work. My daughter, Chloe, said I’d know some of Brown’s stuff, but after working his rehearsal I can honestly say I didn’t know any of it. That’s on me, of course, I haven’t listened to a radio or watched TV in…it must be around 15 years. I stick to audiobooks, podcasts, and whatever music I got stashed in my online catalogue. I use Soundcloud a hell of a lot for music mixes, but I only found out who Billie Eilish was last year, and I’ve only just this week found out what Sam Smith looks like. And at least once a week someone asks me about a TV show which descends into the usual, “how can you never have heard of it??” but I simply smile and shrug my way through. I am so far removed from everything because of the way I live my life. And I love it.

Living on a farm, out of sight of the world, and when I work I’m encased in my truck, driving hundreds of kilometres/miles every day, disappearing into the world of whatever I’m listening to. I thought I was supposed to be old to be a hermit, but I’m already there.

Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to go and never watch Britain’s Got Talent.


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