I’ve decided not to church up my blog titles anymore. I’ll keep them simple; the number corresponds to the week of the year, so we can all see the weeks crumble by together. Again, this is a free service from me. You’re welcome.

Right now I should be in Switzerland with the Chris Brown Under the Influence Tour, but a misstep by me sees me back in England, about to undergo a medical to renew my driving licence. I was due to spend two days exploring Paris as well, but instead I write this from my sofa back in England. I’ll also miss my birthday with the boys in Berlin, and I won’t get to see my close friends in Belgium. I beat myself up about it for a day, but what’s done is done. I should pick the tour back up when they return to England.

It’s been a damn good tour so far as well; good lead driver, great bunch of guys, and the catering has been spot on. The one thing that I would’ve liked to improve was a wider selection of cities/countries, but hey, I wouldn’t get to see any of them from where I am right now.

Right, I gotta go do this medical. I figure if I fail, 90% of England’s drivers should fail as well. I’m in good shape. and only need glasses to read in low light, but I guess stranger things have happened!

UPDATE: I passed.


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