Six Underground

Have you realised my blog titles are related to nerdy/geeky/cool things yet?

And while we’re on the subject of nerdy/geeky/cool things, my dad, our friend Frank and I spent all of last weekend beating a dungeon on a game called Destiny 2. Took us 3 stints over 3 days and a lot of cussing and frustration, but we got it done even when I doubted us at Caityl, the final boss.

I know this doesn’t sound like much of a life achievement, but we’ve been playing this game for 8ish years, and this was one of the hardest missions we’d completed, so yeah, I do feel like congratulating us.

This week also marks the start of my tour with American singer, Chris Brown. The first show is currently going on here, in Dublin (my fourth time in ireland in a year), where he’s been hanging out with Conor McGregor and we’ve all been in the pubs watching the 6 Nations, soaking in some of the Irish gaity as they beat the French today.

As I mentioned in an earlier blog, we drivers are also designated spotlight and/or camera operators. We were assigned spotlights again this week, but as I took the controls, I realised the up and down (Y axis) on my robospot was the opposite way around from what I was used to. So I told the Light Department who asked us drivers if we were all having problems and we all said we were. Long story short, none of us are doing spotlights now, through no fault of our own and other peoples bad attitudes.

My point is, if you use up as up on a controller or something similar, and down as down, you’re a monster (as is my youngest son, Bam). If I were to put a stick on the back of your head and push it up, you’d look down, and if I pushed down, you’d look up. Simple physics. It’s also the natural method of movement, so even the drivers who weren’t gamers found it difficult to use.

Physics and morality lesson over. I gotta get this blog out and get back to work.


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