From Steampunk to Tavern Drunk: Where did the Social Assassin Go??

Social Assassin

So it seems I suck pretty hard at this whole ‘I’m totally going to start writing again’ thing. There are a number of reasons why I disappeared for so long, and I’ll discuss some of those here in a moment. The reason involving 432 rubber ducks, six cubic yards of liquid latex and the Llandudnow Male Voice Choir is, sadly, still covered by a super-injunction, so please don’t ask. Over the last year, having been once a relatively regular poster, I dwindled away to nothing and despite several abortive attempts to get back into blogging again I just couldn’t seem to ever grab the fire and zaniness that had driven this blog in the beginning. Partly, I think, this was simply due to the fact that I was struggling to keep on coming up with humorous things to talk about – as any of you who are no stranger here…

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