Allie’s Way – An Interview With Allie Haze

(I’ll begin this blog by telling you that this interview is around 2 years old. I had the opportunity to interview Allie because a website asked me to. And I’m glad they did. However, they didn’t run the interview, and I figured it was a waste sitting on my computer, so I’ll share it with the world.

Bear in mind some of the information in this interview may be dated.)


Starring as Princess Leia in ‘Star Wars XXX: A Porn Parody’, Allie Haze won Female Performer of the Year awards Vivid and AEBN Party at the Roxbury Nightclub - Hollywood CA 
from and In 2011 she won two AVN awards – including Most Outrageous Sex Scene in ‘Enema Bootcamp’ – and was nominated in 9 more over the next year.

Allie Haze is leaving Vivid Entertainment and talks to me about her reasons why, and answers other questions about herself and the adult industry:

Jody Ruth: So, spill, why are you leaving Vivid Entertainment after so much success with them?

Allie Haze: I really enjoyed my time with Vivid, but felt that now was the right time to move on and become a freelance artist. I learned so much about myself and this amazing industry during my time there, and will forever be thankful to them.

JR: What are you hoping to achieve now that you are a freelance artist? Is it for financial gain?

AH: Absolutely not. I haven’t gone freelance for the money.  It’s all about making and maintaining a good product, and keeping the high standard that my fans expect. I also have my own website at which is currently under construction and will allow me to promote myself fully when it is finished. Until then I’ll continue to work for studios and maintain the excellent standards that I have set myself. [Nb: the site is now fully up and running.]

JR: It’s obviously a good move for a girl as popular as yourself, and I’m sure studios are already approaching you with work…

AH: They are, although I do have more time to myself, which is a reason I have gone freelance. I was filming 3-5 times a week, but now I can pick and choose my projects more carefully for those that will suit me better.

JR: Does your job affect your love life?

AH: It has never been a problem in my relationship, as I have been with my partner for four years, which is before I started in the industry. In fact, it was his idea that I go into the adult business! Before I started seeing him I was a lesbian, then I became bisexual, and then I met him. However, while we were together I realised that I still wanted to sleep with girls, so my partner suggested that if I was going to, I may as well do it on film… and, so…

JR: Allie, if you could do me a favour and thank your boyfriend on behalf of all mankind…

AH: [laughs] [a lot]

JR: Do you tell people when you meet them what you do for a living?allie haze socks

AH: It all depends where I am and in what situation I meet the person. I try to get a read of them before I say what I do. If I feel they are very conservative, then I’ll tell them that I am in the ‘production business’. If they appear a little more open then I’ll tell them I am a model, and if they are very friendly and/or approachable then I tell them I am an adult actress.

JR: Are there any drawbacks to being in the industry?

AH: There isn’t very many but one that stands out to me is the judgment people pass on us just because we choose to be a little more open with our lives. Don’t hate! [laughs]

JR: Do you have any funny stories from your time on set?

AH: Not as such. Things are pretty professional when the cameras are rolling. Nothing really crazy has ever happened, but I am a goofy kinda girl so we were always having fun. Talking of fun, I’ve also just filmed my first gang bang!

JR: Uh… congratulations? Do you ever fancy any of your co-stars? Or is it all strictly professional?

AH: I never fancy them as such, as I have my boyfriend, but we do all hang out together a lot, and I am friends with loads of the people I work with. We throw parties, hang out, have barbeques…

JR: You mentioned dancing earlier. Is it something you particularly enjoy doing?

AH: It’s something I love doing. I’ve just finished dancing and doing ‘feature dances’ at clubs across the States; I’ve just been in Miami, and before that Chicago and New Jersey. Last year I was in Poland and Australia, either dancing or hosting events or shows. Next month I will be in London filming for Elite TV.

JR: Your job allows you to travel a lot? I’ll admit it’s not a perk I associated with the job.

AH: Sure. I also get to go to conventions all over, and meet fans. I’ve been to four Exotica Conventions, and along with the dancing and hosting TV shows I’ve been all over the world. I love working in the adult industry!


JR: How does having sex on film differentiate from sex in your personal life?

AH: It does and it doesn’t. When I’m on film I used to be very aware that I was having sex in front of the camera, but now I’ve been doing it for a while I relax and enjoy it more. In my private life sex is more obviously a personal thing; more passionate. On film you have the film crew and the director speaking to you…

JR: Do they edit the director out of films? Or is it all hand signals and gestures?

AH: [laughs] No, they use directional microphones, so you can only hear me, but I can hear the director telling me what to do. They usually don’t have to instruct me so much these days, as I’ve been doing it for a while now and just ‘know’ what it is I should be doing.

JR: What did you want to be as a child or a teenager? Did… did you want to be an adult actress?

AH: No! I went to college to train as a fire fighter!

JR: Talk about change of track… so, if you have children, would you mind if they also went into the adult industry once they had grown up?

AH: Obviously I wouldn’t push my kids into the business, but if they chose to then I would support them. I would also warn allie hazethem of the dangers that they may face. I’m not saying there are many in the industry, but it would be the same if they wanted to be a rock star, or a fire fighter, or something like that. Every job has its pitfalls, and it would be my job as a parent to let them know what they were and to support them at every step.

JR: Have there been any unsavoury characters or incidents in your profession over the years? As you mention earlier, people can (and do) judge the industry without having any knowledge of it. Many people may assume it’s all dark and grimy behind the scenes.

AH: There isn’t any certain instances I’ve encountered. I just don’t like it when people are rude. Please and thank you goes along way!

JR: What do your own parents think of your job?

AH: My parents weren’t keen at all. In fact, we didn’t make contact for a couple of years, but I recently went to stay with them and we’ve become friends again. Of the two, my dad is more open about it all, and my mom isn’t!

JR: Good. Look… I’ve got to ask, but how do they make cum so white?

AH: You’d have to ask God for the answer on that one! I really don’t know, although a lot of the guys I work with drink ‘Muscle Milk’, so maybe that’s the answer?

JR: Do you get recognised in the street often?

AH: Nobody’s ever called me out, or came up to me in the street, but I have seen people stare at me a little too long sometimes, and you can tell they know who I am.

JR: Maybe it’s because you’re a beautiful young lady?

AH: No, the stare is too long! But you’re very sweet.

JR: And I’m single. Other than your forthcoming website, how can people contact you or book you?

AH: once it is up and running, otherwise you can get me direct on Twitter @alliehaze.

JR: Allie, you have been a pleasure, and I think I have a bigger crush on you then when we started. Thanks for your time, and good luck in all of your future endeavours.

AH: Thank you!


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