Paul Lambert’s Master Plan

*sigh* Throughout my life and during my time on Twitter I have made so many Norwich friends it’s been a whirlwind of social networking and Canary-cuddling. It’s been great.

This man knows what the fuck he is doing.

I’m now in danger of pissing each and every one of them off in one foul sentence.

I think Paul Lambert is planning on relegation.

Wait, hear me out. Please! I’ve been a City fan for… *phew* almost 30 years, and have been going to Carrow Road since I was 8 years old (3-3 against Liverpool), and nothing would swell me with more pride then our beloved yellows staying up in 17th place by the skin of their teeth on the last day of the season that starts tomorrow.

Bradley Johnson

But take a look at the signings:

Bradley Johnson (Leeds)

Anthony Pilkington (Huddersfield)

Elliott Bennett (Brighton)

James Vaughan (Everton)

Steve Morison (Millwall)

Apart from Vaughan there is little or no Premiership experience between them, and with the signing of David Ayala imminent from Liverpool you can see that Lambert is going for young, hungry players, and I believe  we will stay up with the squad we have.

But, most of the players – including Ayala – have a lot of Championship experience, so if we were to go down it wouldn’t be a bad thing, as I think we’ll be one of the strongest sides in the division and come straight back up.

If Lambert stays in charge. Which I hope he does. And with the players mentioned above can you see why I think we’re possibly planning on going down…?

I don’t think it would be a bad thing if we ‘West Brom’d’ it for a few years. Buy decent

Elliott Bennett

players, get relegated, smash the championship, rinse, repeat. It would financially stabilise a club that has diced with administration more than once, and it would allow us to build such a strong base to work with.

Now, if we can just build a bigger stadium… but that’s a blog for another time…

Please feel free to leave any comments below City fans!

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