Alive and (quietly) kicking.

Dang. It’s been a while since I wrote anything on my blog. Every other writer in the world is churning out content during lockdown and my blog has been gathering dust.

But that’s not to say I haven’t been writing. I’ve just finished the final draft of my Smashwords best selling title, Isle of the Dead. Land of the Dead is currently going through a penultimate check before heading to the good people at Devil Dog Press to run their careful eye over it, and I’m hoping to announce a release date soon.

Isle of the Dead also became an audiobook, as narrated by the BBC’s Richard Ready, and you can find the Audible link here. If you are an Audible member it is FREE. And if you’re not a member then hit me up because maybe I’ve still got a few free codes to giveaway… I’ll be working with Richard again when the time comes for the audiobook sequel.

Lastly on the writing front, I’ve been working with the Daniel Goldsmith Literary Consultants to help rework a book I’ve written called MENTAL. It’s a book very close to my heart… and mind. With their suggestions (and that of Super Friend Chey) I’m now pulling it apart and rewriting and rearranging it until it is good enough for publication.

Away from writing things in my life are calm. Other than spending 6 weeks on my back after an emergency hernia operation in January, I spend most of my time writing, working, watching Asian TV dramas, spending time with my family, or missing all my international friends who I cannot see because of travel restrictions. On the up-side of this, not blowing all my money on flights and travel means I am finally debt free for the first time in my life.

This time last year I was in Thailand (March 2020) and the idea was to start a travel blog as I also had holidays in Belgium, Spain, Italy, Japan, and Slovenia booked, but covid came and wiped those plans out. I’m still going to write about my travels in my unique, raw, honest, and emotional way, just as soon as we can all travel.

So, I have been quiet but I have been busy. I will return soon with either news about my books, or with a travel blog. Or both.

Stay safe.

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