I need an artist for my book!

I won’t go into the long and boring tale of how my zombie novel Isle of The Dead came about, as it’s been documented before, and I’ll probably do so again once it’s secured film rights and made me a millionaire, but until then, just know that the book was finished over a year ago, and edited by my late friend Rob M. Miller, and that it’s ready for publication.

I sent it out to all of the horror publishing houses I could think of, knowing full well that many of them are tired of the zombie genre, so I didn’t really hold out much hope. Surprisingly, four labels offered me publication, but they were all situated in the US, and couldn’t really promise me UK exposure, which is a problem for a book set on the Isle of Wight. Plus I can attend book-signings, comic-cons, etc, over here. Again, once I’m a millionaire because of the book I’ll satisfy my world fans.

So I’m going to self-publish. As I write this, beneath it, in another Word document, is Isle of The Dead, the Smashwords edition. Smashwords is a self-publishing site, and one that should give me the best exposure, as long as I put the extra effort in myself. I’m reformatting the story so it will be readable on your phone, tablet, whatever. It will also be available as a print book on demand.

The book is almost ready to breath, to grow its wings and explore the world, but it needs one more vital piece of kit…

It needs a cover.

Can you help?

Anyone and everyone is welcome to create a cover and send it to me for submission, but it has to be based on the story. How hard could that be? It’s zombies on an island. You don’t need to draw complex shit like horses. Just dead people. Or not. Try and be creative.

Obviously I have no idea how many people will send me pieces of artwork, and I can’t promise everyone that they will be featured, but, depending on how sales go, I’ll be more than happy for future editions to feature the covers that get sent in. I’d like everyone to be recognised for their hard work. Alas, I can’t pay you for your efforts, but you will get good exposure through myself, and, if we hit it off, I’ve got a bunch of other books that will need covers and you will get paid for. Think of this as a first date. If you put out, there’s high chance there will be more dates. Possibly marriage.

Image result for i fuck on the first date

Things that the cover must have? Colour. It’s got to splash, to pull people into the book. The title, obviously, Isle of The Dead, and my beautiful name in full, otherwise I think I set the blurb on the back. If you guys just concentrate on doing a front cover, then I can sort the back on my own. And I’ll add a sexy photo of me. Probably this one:

Image result for jody ruth zombie

Better make sure I get permission from the fantastic Thom Pearson before I throw it on a book cover!

So, give it a go, or mention it to someone whom you think might be interested. Please feel free to share this blog wherever you wish. There is no deadline, but the sooner the better, as the text editing is almost finished. I will wait as long as it takes for the right cover.

Just fucking hurry up.

Any questions please feel free to contact me on solaariow@gmail.com or on twitter @jodyneilruth

Happy designing!

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