The Power Rangers @ Isle of Wight Comic Con!

The first annual Isle of Wight Comic Con held here on our own very sunny, beautiful island, run by Ben Belton, was a total success. The capacity was full to bursting with cosplayers, stall-holders, celebrities, and other like-minded folk. I managed to use my writery-ability to snag myself a press pass so I could interview the many and famous who attended. But there was one condition… Bam, my ten year-old son, got to ask the questions as well!

And so, to our first panel… The Power Rangers!



(left to right) Kevin Duhaney, Jeff Parazzo, and Steve Cardenas

The three Americans were the island’s very first comic con stars, and they didn’t disappoint. Bam and I managed to have a good chat with them over the course of the weekend. Kevin Duhaney (the blue Dino Ranger) was a charm to talk to; very approachable and a hit with the kids and parents. Jeff Parazzo (the white Dino Ranger) was so laid-back it was lucky he was sat down. The coolest of the trio, he definitely has an air of the Johnny Depp about him. Steve Cardenas (the Red Ranger) was built like a professional fighter and had the feel of a supremely confident man about him. Plus the guy looked like he could pull my arms off if I upset him!

Here are the gems we extracted from the guys:

What’s it like being part of the Power Rangers phenomenon?

Kevin Duhaney: It’s been mind-blowing, but I was always very aware that I did not want to mess things up. I was a fan as a kid, and I didn’t want to let the kids down who were watching me. I was a huge fan growing up watching the show, and I put a lot of pressure on myself to make sure I was the best power Ranger I could be.

Steve Cardenas; It still amazes me that kids who discover Power Rangers today go back and re-watch all the old series.

Have you had a chance to explore any of the Isle of Wight?

KD: Yeah, some! It’s such a beautiful place I don’t want to leave! We arrived here Wednesday and have taken a good look around. After the convention on Monday we will take a tour of the island.

Jeff Parazzo: We were looking at all the properties for sale but I think the only thing I could afford to live in is a van after the monetary conversion rate!

Kevin, you once played a young Jimi Hendrix. Do you have any musical talents or play any instruments?

KD: Not as such, but I do dabble in music. Playing a young Jimi was an absolute blast and I had a lot of fun doing it.

Any chance of you guys being in one of the new Power Rangers films?

SC: I would love to!

KD: There is a teaser in the new film. There’s a street name that references Dino Thunder, so who knows…?

Steve, can you tell us more about your new film ‘Enuattii‘? Would Bam be able to watch it?

SC: No! It’s not a kid’s film! It’s more along the lines of Predator. It’s going to be great. I’m not sure what the deal is with a UK release but you should be able to watch it on Amazon or something similar once it’s finished.

Kevin, Jeff, what is ‘Trauma Con‘?

KD: Oh man, good question.

JP: Basically it’s about a comic convention like this one, where the fans start getting picked off by a killer, but the killer could be anyone because they’re all dressed the same!

SC: Like a cross between a convention and Jason {Friday the 13th films]?

JP: More like a convention mixed with the Scream films!

Time for Bam to drop his questions on the Power Rangers.

Bam: Who’s the most popular out of you three?

*The three Rangers laugh and ‘wow’ as the room erupts in cheers and laughter. Bam’s doing a better job than me and he’s only asked one question!

KD: I’m gonna say Steve. He’s the oldest and longest-serving Power Ranger.

Bam isn’t finished.

Bam: Who would win in a fight between you three?

*Again the room erupts and I consider a different line of work due to my upstart son.*

Kevin and Jeff both point at Steve.

Jeff: Even if I had him in an arm-bar and Kevin had him in a choke-hold, Steve would still beat us both.

Bam: Kevin, did you know that you have the same name as the blue Power Ranger in Power Ranger Samurai?

KD: No. No, I did not. I learned something today.

*Kevin fist-bumped Bam and I looked like the proudest dad on earth*

At the end of the second day Bam got his picture with Jeff and Kevin while I had another brief chat with Steve. The three guys were heroes all weekend, and the island took to them. If, and when, the IslandCon takes off and becomes bigger and better, Kevin, Jeff, and Steve will go down in history as the very first three stars to put on a panel at the Isle of Wight Comic Con, and that makes all three of them honorary islanders in my book.

And Bam’s.unnamed.jpg

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