It’s hard to write a review about Z-Lab without giving too much away, so I’ll list the emotions myself and my three buddies went through over the course of just over an hour. Here goes:








More confusion

A little horror

A little more fear

And then a lot of joy


And pretty much in that order.


My crew consisted of myself, my oldest son Cameron, and our friends Adam and Emily. I genuinely went into Z-Lab thinking it would be a breeze, and I was going to ask the host to hit us with the hardest setting, but once you’re in there and the adrenaline is buzzing and the excitement stops you thinking straight, things go off the rails very quickly. Thankfully we had Emily with us, and she is now my ‘go to companion’ if any earth-changing events happen!



Z-Lab is the brainchild behind the famous Park of The Dead creator, Dan Gaches. But don’t be deterred by thinking you’re under relentless attacks from the undead. Far from it. You’ll need your braaaaaaains for this. Although fear plays it’s part it shouldn’t put you off experiencing what will prove to be a fantastic night out.


To book in your group of 4-6 people contact Dan and the team on or call 01983615766 or check out their Facebook page and then get back to me personally if you wish to discuss all that you experience! Or I’ll freely answer any queries but I WILL NOT  give you any  answers. That’s for you to enjoy/tremble! But I will hint that there is more than ‘one’ escape room, and that you will be expected to roll back the years to your science lessons in school! And be ready to solve all of the clues and uncover hidden objects to make your move for freedom… and will the cast of characters aid or hinder you…? Only you can find out by booking in at Z-Lab…

Now, get a move on. I think there is an apocalypse coming…




Current Prices:

£99 per game for 6 people (£16.50 each)

£90 per game for 5 people (£18 each)

£80 per game for 4 people (£20 each)


The escape room is currently available  7 days of the week between the hours of 4pm – 10pm (subject to availability).

Great with friends or as a team building experience.




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