I’ve got ambition. I got bags deep and brimming with it. A few years ago I set myself the target of getting a book published – I’ve pulled it out over the years and added to it and it’s currently around the 250 page mark. I’m pretty sure it’s good, and I’ve belief in my own abilities…

…however, it’s still sat in two faux-leather pads tucked away where I can see it _every_ day and it pokes it’s papery tongue at me over and again, daring me to pick it back up and hammer it into final shape. I shall rise to that challenge again!! Soon… one day… hopefully…

But over the years I’ve modified my ambitions and desires and now they are more rounded and fleshed out. I’ve got them pinned down and aimed at now as well. They are

1/ Get my HGV (heavy goods vehicle) licence

2/ Go to Canada

3/ Set up my own business

4/ write that bloody book

Number 1 is done. I can now drive fucking big lorries. Number 2 will be completed in October when I holiday there for a couple of weeks – driving from Vancouver to Calgary.

Number 3 was originally to be a business based in Canada, preferably a trucking company (obviously starting out small before world domination) but I’ve just bought myself two taxis here on the Isle of Wight (or IODub as a good friend of mine has… er… dubbed it) and I’m also looking at purchasing a mini-bus so ties here are strong.

Obviously the strongest tie are the kids but everything I do and build on will give them the basis for a better life as well.

Number 4, is, as above. And Thy Will Be Done.

So, it’s all underway and happening.

And nothings gonna stop me.

5 thoughts on “Ambition

  1. “I have no idea what your talking about”, he said standing behind an 8 foot tall stack of unfinished ideas that threatened to topple over and crush him, an analogy, and an ironic statement of fact.

  2. All true.

    Your clearly cutting off more than a pound (half kilogram) of flesh for the ones that are loved which is admirable, heroic, and really irritating when I contrast it to my own selfishness 🙂

  3. Thanks (?) for the kind words Jason!! All the best ideas need a little push or persuasion… I find my kids give me what I need in aspirations!

    Brian – good to hear from you, and my heart goes to your family on your recent loss…

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