On this day 47 years ago, at 5.02am, I was introduced to this world, kicking, screaming, crying, and probably shitting myself.

So this morning I set my alarm for 5.02am, to see if I felt anything special, maybe a moment of clarity at something that happened 47 years ago to that very minute, but alas, nothing. I went back to sleep, and woke up just over an hour later.

I went to the gym, got a free birthday cake from Gregg’s, had a nice walk around my town, and came home to put my pajamas on before midday.

Today is a good day.

Today is also the day where I try to figure out if I’m at the very middle of my life. If I live to be 94, then yes, right now I am at the halfway point in my adventure. Of course, if there is one thing my life and my sister, Kay, have taught me, is that it could all end tomorrow.

Who knows I might only live to 53 or somewhere near that age, which would mean I’m very nearly at the finish line. That’s the beauty and trepidation about mortality and being human, we just never know what’s gonna happen.

So, until the curtains close on my stage, I’ll keep doing what I’m doing, until I exit, maybe in a shower of screams and tears, and hopefully not in a shower of shitting myself.

But who knows?

That’s the joy of being alive.