Seven Heaven

Ok, I know I’m shit, and that I haven’t blogged for months, but forgive me. I HAVE been writing and writing hard. I’ve had a short story published with one or two looking at seeing print as well soon, and The Book is gathering steam again… but I will reveal all of the details soon in another blog.
Because today is dedicated to Abigail Kern. She is a fellow writer who had slipped under my radar until she threw a gauntlet in my face via Twitter.
The deal is to list the last 7 films/songs/books you’ve encountered, blog them, and then pass it on to seven other idiots.
Sorry, bloggers.
So, challenge accepted.
The Last Seven Songs I Listened To
Bugger. I just bought a Gary Beck EP so that’s three tracks!
1/ Gary Beck – Paid Out
2/ Gary Beck – Feel it
3/ Gary Beck – Hillview
4/ The Cure – Open
5/ Radiohead – Staircase
6/ Billy Talent – Standing in the Rain
7/ Pendulum – Through The Loop
Last Seven Books I Read
1/ Scars of a Memoir by Marni Mann (buy it. Buy it NOW)
2/ Autumn: The City by David Moody
3/ Drop Dead Gorgeous by Wayne Simmons
4/ The Rum Diary by Hunter S Thompson
5/ Sleepyhead by Mark Billingham
6/ The Slow Empire (an 8th Doctor Who novel) by Dave Stone
7/ Night Shift by Stephen King
Seven Favourite Movies
In no particular order…
1/ Bladerunner
2/ Jaws
3/ The Empire Strikes Back
4/ Rocknrolla
5/ 30 Days of Night
6/ The Dark knight
7/ Sucker Punch
Seven Songs That Are Significant To My Stories
Now, the first one is by a new friend I have made who DJs by the name of Deepbass. His dark, dark mixes have inspired much of my writing lately, and it’s only fair I give him a very honourable mention, as well as include the mix that has got me firing on all cylinders at the moment…
1/ Deepbass
2/ Staircase by Radiohead
3/ Everything’s Ok by Rewd Adams
4/ Six Blade Knife by Dire Straits
5/ Burn it Down by Alter Bridge
6/ Maps by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
7/ The Poem by Maetrik
Seven Favourite Authors
1/ Stephen King
2/ Hunter S Thompson
3/ Marni Mann
4/ Peter Benchley
5/ Max Brooks
6/ Mark Billingham
7/ Me. Why fucking not? Someone’s gotta love me, right?
Seven People Upon Which I Bestow This Award/Curse
1/ Crystalee Beck
2/ Anderson Angel
3/ Marni Mann
4/ Alexandra Diane (see right)
5/ John Hardy Bell
6/ Cheyenne Campbell
7/ M Andrew Patterson
So, there we have it. My first blog in months and it’s a right royal ramble about yours truly. If you enjoyed it, then feel free to pick by the gauntlet thrown by Abigail and create your own blog using the above points, or mix them up with your own.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a muse waiting to inspire my writing and I…

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